Is it possible to feel great in today’s world, where every day there seems to be some new crisis or disorder? Some new upheaval or unexpected negativity? Where violence is so rife? Should we even strive to feel great? Maybe it’s out of place or insensitive to the realities of other people’s lives?

This little guide draws on years of spiritual study and practical experience. Included are rich descriptions of the sticking points we encounter in our journey through life, and also the keys to making progress as we recover our ability to feel really great—not as a temporary indulgence but as a lasting state of being.

We learn, for example, about the gravity of negativity, when encumbered emotions such as resentment, wounded pride, and rejection hold us down and drain the goodwill and spontaneity from our lives.

Enthusiasm, optimism, and contentment are among the keys that can free us from such chaos. We learn that these qualities spring from faith in the goodness of the Self and life. This faith returns to us when we start to understand the wonderful Tree of Humanity and the eternal seed through which it is renewed.

In essence, it is love that enables us to feel great. Love is in all of us, but in order to flourish, it needs to be tended with spirituality. When we demand love from the world around us, we destroy our own ability to receive it. We must nurture it within ourselves and live it overtly, because only then can we experience the joy of both giving and receiving it. When we truly experience and practice that kind of love, we have learned to live authentically, and there is no greater feeling than that.