Sweetness is a virtue that searches for the good in every person and situation. At its heart is the conviction that there is always something positive to be found. You simply need the patience to discover it.  –Eternal Blessings

Optimism opens a door in difficult or hopeless situations. Optimism knows that there is always a way, no matter how many doors have been shut, and it believes that there is always a good alternative.

No matter what the crisis, an optimistic outlook will tell you that the situation you are facing is a sign that you need to find a different way of thinking or a new way of doing things. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the signal because change can be uncomfortable, to say the least. No one really wants to do the work it takes to change unless it’s absolutely necessary, so they often ignore the warning signs until they become so obvious and clear that there is no other choice but to wake up. Now the choice is either to heed the warning and make a change or continue in self-delusion and fall behind on your journey to develop a lifetime of feeling great. But if you take the road that lacks optimism instead of taking steps toward renaissance, your steps will lead you to complaints, resentment, or even desperation.

Optimists hold on to hope . . . they don’t ignore the reality and consequences of problems, but they also don’t despair or lose themselves in the chaos when Pandora’s Box is opened. In your daily life, you will face many obstacles; sometimes they will be bumps in the road, other times they will be complete detours. But no matter if it is a brief detour or a true Pandora’s Box with a whole assortment of problems that bring fear, chaos, and distress, optimism will enable you to persevere. When you can draw on patience and determination, your commitment to positive thinking and introspection will allow you to find solutions, and it will attract healing and peace from within yourself and from the world around you.

Work on becoming an optimist—maintain a gentle determination that will allow you to focus on potential alternatives and find solutions to problems. Be flexible and allow yourself to be led. Combine the art of making things happen with the ability to allow things to happen, and realize that more than one factor is involved in building a bridge and finding a solution. When you apply these principles to your life, you will feel yourself moving closer and closer toward that constant state of feeling great that once was so elusive.

The Story of the Two Applicants

A man answered an ad in the paper for a job, and was asked to come in and fill out an application. As he waited in the lobby he asked the receptionist, “How are the people here?”

“Well, what were the people like where you worked before?” she responded.

“They weren’t very nice,” he said. “They overworked me and my boss was strict and rude. I’m glad to be rid of them!”

“Really?” replied the receptionist. “That’s just how you’ll find people here, too.”

Disgusted, the applicant picked up his keys and marched out the door.

Half an hour later another applicant came through the door. While he was waiting for an interview, he asked the receptionist, “How are the people at this company?”

“What were the people like where you worked before?” she replied.

“Oh, they were great! My boss was good to me and gave me opportunities to learn new things. I worked hard but it was good work. I’m going to miss them,” he mused.

“Well, that’s just how you’ll find people here, too. You’re going to love it!” she said.

Lesson:  Don’t let your thoughts reside in a negative mind. An optimist resides in hope.