The Way Forward

FG_happyThe Way Forward

 The World

The way forward is an internal journey; it requires you to look inside before looking outside. You cannot be much help in the world until you understand who you are and learn to respect yourself and others, as well as the planet you inhabit.

The Challenge

From one end of the earth to the other, there is a deep desire in human hearts for unity. But how can we make it happen? How is it possible to have unity in a world where it’s lacking even within families? Everyone has their own way of thinking, but when someone insists on having things done their way, diverse ideas are not tolerated very easily and unity starts to become an unattainable ideal.

But it is not unattainable. When you accumulate truth, the power of that truth alone can destroy the number one enemy of unity: ego. When ego is out of the way, you can create an atmosphere of harmony; you have the ability to come together and accept another person’s different ideas; it is a powerful truth.

It works like this: Each one of your five fingers is different, and yet it’s only when they work together that whatever you put your hand to can be successful. Each finger has its own unique function, but the combination of those functions is what creates the full purpose—success requires harmony and cooperation from each one.

Strive to understand what genuine truth is, because once you do, negativity will fade along with the need to be critical or competitive. When you recognize the uniqueness of others and have an unobstructed vision of unity and cooperation, you’ll discover success in areas of your life that will surprise you—places you didn’t even realize existed because they were hidden beneath an obfuscated Self.

Moving Ahead

Some people say that there is nothing but corruption and evil in the world, but how did it get into such a state? Who will set it right if not you and me? To truly contribute to the process of setting the world right, you’ll need to develop a lot of inner personal strength because the path to being a positive power in the world will always be strewn with obstacles. You may find a complete lack of support for some of the things you try to do, and you may even find people who try to stop you altogether; then it will come down to the strength of your faith, courage, and honesty that will enable you to carry on.

Make your heart strong—make it unbreakable! In order to do that, you need wisdom, the courage not to get disheartened, and the ability to tolerate problems that come before you. Armed with these qualities, you will be insulated from feeling hurt or unappreciated when your efforts and hard work are not recognized. Protect yourself from negative emotions because they only create sadness, and sadness will undermine the inner power you have accumulated, causing your joy and enthusiasm to crumble. A strong, wise heart will enable you to manage life’s hurdles more easily, but always remember that the basis for success is an honest and generous heart.

When you look at the world through your physical eyes, you see all the facets of our diversity: culture, race, personality, religion, and so on. However, when you see only through your physical eyes, it’s easy to become stubborn and feel the need to prove that you are right all the time. Be careful, because when stubbornness prevails, there is clearly a lack of love, and trying to prove yourself right just exacerbates offensive behavior. These are the dangers that come from seeing only with your physical eyes, and these are the times that you need to take yourself beyond divisions, beyond limits, and beyond race, religion, or class. You need to see with love.

Change Your Vocabulary

Whichever religion you belong to, whichever tradition you follow, you must have that sense of obedience and the desire to be trusting and honest to be successful. Break down the barriers and build bridges. Whenever there are barriers, people move back or they stop completely, but when there are bridges, they will go across and move forward. Break down the barriers and be unstoppable!

Here’s an important question for you to answer truthfully. How often do you say that something is difficult? More than you realized, right? Erase that word from your vocabulary—you can do whatever you want. In fact, since humans created the mess that the world is in today, it is up to us to create change, but it hinges on our awareness and on our hearts. When our hearts truly desire a better world, we will make it a point to learn how to make that happen and then do it.

Be Strong

Sound judgment about what is right and what you should and shouldn’t do is based on your system of values. It is only when you are standing on the foundation of your values that you are able to maintain truth, no matter what the surrounding circumstances may be. The ability to live according to your values in an unwavering way depends on how well you realize your true spiritual identity and how determined you are to cultivate an inner state of dignity. This is the basis of spiritual power, and it is this power that is so desperately needed in the world today.

Review and practice these concepts daily. They will help you build and accumulate spiritual power in your life:

  • Remember the power of internal and external positive energy and don’t let negativity reach you.
  • Be aware that you are God’s child and claim that divinity.
  • Be a student; learn from God and from everyone around you.
  • Realize that you are an example; be the model of whatever you want others to learn.
  • Know that you are God’s instrument and that you can make a difference wherever you are.

This is a guaranteed method to being fulfilled as an individual and developing spiritual strength. This is what will help you understand your highest truth and live it, and this is how you will attain spiritual might and light.