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Posted by Kim Weiss

Check out my boss’ formula for happiness and his new book (with Kelly Johnson Maragni), Feeling Great (hope he lets me get outside the building some more) book is here and also in today’s Publishers Weekly magazine.


Sometimes we need a shift in perspective to lift our spirits. It’s easy to get caught up in ourselves and our situations and allow them to dictate how we feel, but we can learn to control the inner and outer influences that affect us. We can actually train ourselves to overcome distressing or pessimistic emotions and enjoy greater happiness in our lives.

  1. Be grateful for what you have-you may not have everything you want, but it’s likely that you have everything you need. If you don’t, be grateful for the ability to pursue your needs and set a plan to achieve them.
  2. Find a source of awe in each day-there are a million things waiting to be discovered: a person’s kindness, a sunrise, a faithful pet. Take a look around you and learn to recognize them.
  3. Reach out to someone – be kind, listen, share something. Until you make that effort, you won’t know what the person next to you needs. An encouraging word may be all that’s needed to give someone an emotional boost.
  4. Do something for yourself-even if it’s something small like taking an extra ten minutes with your coffee in the morning or taking the scenic way home from work.
  5. Be aware of your thoughts-when something runs through your mind that you can’t do anything about, let it go. All that thinking will cause you to sink lower; you need to rise above things that are not contributing to your happiness.
  6. Live for today-realize that you only have right now and make the best of it; yesterday is gone and tomorrow will bring challenges of its own.
  7. De-clutter-clean out your junk drawer, tidy up your desk or your closet. When you put external things in order, your mind and heart will also function in a more orderly fashion and that is an especially liberating feeling.
  8. Donate-find something that you haven’t worn or used in a while that someone else can use; maybe it’s a coat, a blanket, or the blue jeans you can’t fit into anymore. Make sure they are in good condition; donating old rags is not very helpful or caring.
  9. Quit feeling sorry for yourself-even if something legitimate is making you sad, know the true source of the sadness and grow, but an attitude of “poor me” is simply being negative.
  10. Set a goal-whether it’s exercise, eating better, encouraging your child more often-each little step forward will be rewarding.
  11. Practice calm-every one of us has hectic days that can unravel us if we let them. Breathe, settle down, and tackle one situation at a time; you’ll accomplish more and feel less stressed.
  12. Take a quick inventory of things around you that are comforting-the pictures on your desk, the trees on the roadside, the music in your car, the bed on which you are sleeping. Wherever you are, there are reminders of your fortune-be thankful!
  13. Smile more-even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, determine that you will not take negative feelings into your day. Try smiling at yourself in the mirror (and try not to laugh!).
  14. Get outside-of the building. The sun has an amazing ability to change our perspective; its warmth can permeate even the grumpiest façade. If it’s not a sunny day, take a drive or take a walk in the rain and appreciate its ability to renew and make things grow-including you.
  15. Get outside-of yourself. Too much thinking and internalizing can make you dull and self-centered. Lift up your chin and be an overcomer-you really can be happy if you try; and that makes everyone around you happy.

Feeling Great, Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm and Contentment (HCI Books), is a fascinating and complete guidebook that offers a simple blueprint for a lifelong embodiment of true contentment by a triad of leading wisdom keepers–Dadi Janki, Peter Vegso, and Kelly Johnson. This book lets you really OWN a permanently elevated state of mind and way of life. Feeling Great  breaks down the elements that must be present in your life to experience sustained peak living. It succinctly brings forth what needs to be cast aside, what needs to be adapted, and how to get from that place of emptiness to robustness as you build character traits that strengthen your contentment muscle. Feeling Great  is available at www.hcibooks.comAmazon.comand many bookstores.