All dates are Eastern Standard Time

2-Apr Conversations radio show 6:00 PM
7-Apr Out of the Fog radio show 12:00 PM
14-Apr Healthy Baby Boomers Network 12:25 PM
15-Apr I Am You radio show 8:00 AM
15-Apr Kathleen O’Keefe Kavanos show 6:00 PM
15-Apr Health, Wealth & Wisdom, radio 7:20 PM
18-Apr KTKK radio, Salt Lake City, UT 7:00 PM
20-Apr Morning News, Little Rock, AK 11:00 AM
24-Apr Blissful Living 12:00 PM
24-Apr WS Radio – Christopher Amarillas 3:00 PM
29-Apr Authors Talk About It 5:45 PM
5-May Inspiration from Spirit 2:00 PM
11-May The Pamala Oslie Hour 8:00 PM
15-May A Time for Healing 11:00 AM
19-May Soul Awakening 9:00 PM
4-Jun The Mind and the Soul 9:00 PM
5-Jun Find Your Groove, British Columbia 1:00 PM
17-Jun The Intentional Spirit, Unity FM 5:00 PM

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